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Beaded Jewelry Classes With Seed Beads

Classes offered Winter 2020:

Brick Stich Fringe Earrings

Fanfare Pendant

Beaded Feather Earrings

Alrika Earrings

Felie Collar


Chrysanthemum Flower Bracelet

Kite Earrings

Beaded Hair Barrette

Morrigan Earrings

Beaded Cabochons

African Helix


CRAW (Cubic Rt-Angle Weave) Rope Bracelet

Easy N'Debele


Spiral Beaded Rope

Luna Rosa Bracelet

Triangle Trellis Bracelet

Beginning Loom

Tubular Netting


Shelley's "Tennis Anyone?" Bracelet

Classes in our roster, but not offered in Winter 2020:

Catch a Falling Star Earrings

3-Sided Right
Angle Weave


Ladder Wrap


Jasmine Earrings & Pendant

Alaska Flower Series: Forget Me Not Earrings

Alaska Flower Series: Lupine Earrings

Corded Necklace


Bead Bracelet


Flat Peyote
Beaded Bracelet


Netted Fairy Lace



Mariah's Bracelet

Kumi Eye
Glass Holder


Flat Kumi Bracelet

Tradewinds Bracelet

Laced-Up Pearls

Beaded Lace

1-Drop &
2-Drop Flat Peyote
Beaded Bracelet


Flat N'Debele

Right Angle Weave
with a Twist


Netted Cabochons

Weave Bracelet


Kumi Spikes-


Kumi Lanyard

Hollow Kumi Necklace

Amy's Cellini Spiral Necklace

Kumihimo Necklace

Peanut Bead


Down Odd-Count
Flat Peyote


Delicate Burst Beaded Bead Necklace

Crystals with a Twist

Spell It

Kumi Xmas Wreath Earrings

Cosmic Flora Bracelet

Jas's Bracelet

Braided Seed
Bead Necklace


Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Alaska Flower Series: Fireweed Earrings

Amulet Purse


Lotsa Knots &
Beads Necklace

Basic Kumi Bracelet

Ice Ruffle

Alaskan Mini Panels

Kumi Earrings

Purple (or any other color) Passion Necklace

Kumi Pick-A-Season Bracelet

Zulu Flowerette
Chain Necklace



All classes are held in our classroom at Alaska Bead Company, 2217 E. Tudor Rd., Suite 7, Anchorage, AK (at Lake Otis, located behind Golden Donuts). For more class information, see our Class, Refund & Registration Information page.

Print Class Schedule: You may download/print a complete class schedule in a pdf file: WINTER 2020 Class Schedule (pdf)

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