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Weaving Workshop: Beginners "Two and Two"

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 In this exciting wire weaving class, you will stack three pieces of 18ga wire and bundle them with 28ga wire using the sturdy “two and two” weaving technique.  Once bundled, Alex will show you how to bend your strip into various shapes to create a beautiful ring or pendant.  He will also teach you how to curl the three wires at each end of the strip to add that special finished look to your piece!

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Alex Rogers (click for bio)


Beginning Wire Work I: Spirals, Spirals, Spirals, or, basic skill in working with different pliers, and you must comprehend work hardening.

Minimum Age:


Class Size:

8 or less

Schedule: No Classes Scheduled at This Time

Future Dates: By Request Only

Send an email to to request that this class be scheduled next trimester. All requests will be given high consideration, however, we can't guarantee scheduling.

To Enroll: Call ABC at 563-2323, option 2, or Toll Free 888-946-2323 to register. For more information about classes, click Class, Refund & Registration Information.

Print Class Schedule: You may download/print a complete class schedule in a pdf file: Summer 2017 Class Schedule.

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