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Nancy Tileston & Jackie McIntire

Nancy Tileston has been playing and learning and learning and playing in crafts for most of her life. She fell in love with beading in 1983 when she took a Pearl Knotting class in Tucson, AZ. Around the turn of the 21st Century, she was introduced to metalsmithing by teacher, Mary Lee Hu who was brought up to Alaska by the Alaska Metal Arts Guild. And Nancy has also incorporated into her life at various times: crocheting, knitting, macramé, embroidering fabric and felt, crazy quilting and paper crafts. She describes herself as more of a “freeform” kind of artist rather than one who follows specific rules that might exist for a particular craft. For her Alcohol Ink class, she recommends that students be willing to give up control and just let the artwork flow where it will go.

Jackie McIntire enjoys playing and perfecting her art in many different mediums including: stained glass, knitting, weaving fabric, beading and quilting. Jackie was first introduced to beading when she started working at Alaska Bead Company in 2014, after retiring from the federal government. Since then, she has been on a tear creating all kinds of exquisite jewelry pieces for all to enjoy. Falling into working with Alcohol Inks was just a natural transition for her as all crafts simply allow her to relax and just take her mind off things. She looks forward to helping students learn the art of “Playing” and just letting go.

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